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Metamorphasis and Pilgrimage

At Sacramentality there is a recent post musing on the migration of Monarch Butterflies, Butterfly larvae
It brings to mind for me the concept of pilgrimage. There is little information about why Monarchs migrate or what calls them to travel such distances just to spend their winter in Mexico. It's such a mystery - which is probably why I am so fascinated by them. It is so amazing that such a tiny creature can know, even if on an instinctual level, that in order to survive and reproduce they must get moving and not stay static. More than that, they must move in a particular direction to a particular place. I wonder if we are aware of this instinct within ourselves. Do we know or recognize the call to migrate. In other words, do we recognize when it is time to move out of our current mode of being and to a new mode of being? I would contend this question is just as important to a group of people, such as a church community, as it is for an individual. If we stay static in our thinking, our way of being, our relationships, etc and refuse to hear the migration call - I suspect the process of death sets in - not just a physical death, but a process that obstructs, impedes, and deteriorates the call to be all that God has created us each to be. Monarch Butterfly larvaePilgrimage or migration can be a dangerous undertaking. I suspect many Monarchs never make it to their destination. But the alternative is certain death - at least for the Monarch.
I would contend it is for us also.

What a gift the Monarch Butterflies are to us. We can learn much from their way of life - one that responds to the call to move towards what sustains life.
Along with this theme, there is a fine sermon by The Rev. Linda McCloud, who has preached before at King of Peace. This recent sermon, God's Transforming Mercies was preached at "her" church St. Margaret of Scotland in Moultrie, Georgia.


  • At 9/30/2005 9:36 AM, Blogger Thumper said…

    Interesting...I had forgotten the trip is not over after metamorphosis! Every time my car hits a butterfly, I cringe. Smile here. Then I remembered in my youth I traveled extensively as if looking for something and experiencing things. I always had to be moving, doing something different; not sitting in the same place too long. Then I found him. I married him. I settled down. Not resolved to stagnate; but travel with my partner. Interesting...


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