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Holier than thou

In tomorrow's Gospel reading Jesus warns of the Pharisees that his disciples should do as they say, but not as they do.

In a sermon on this passage, Lisa Mayntz-Ridley says,
However, if we wear a cross we should not expect people to be nice to us because they recognize us as Christians. Instead, we should care for them and serve them. We should not overburden one another, or anyone else, in the name of God. Because there is church maintenance to be done does not give us the right to say that there are "Marys" and there are "Marthas" and I will only be one of them. We are called to be both of them.

When we attend meetings we are not more special or know more about God than the one who did not attend. And, when we are in mission, truly in mission, we are not any holier than the one who is at a different point in their journey. We are simply obedient. And loved in a particular way—the way all God's children are loved. And when we are doing the work of God we are growing into our triune God. And, that is somehow miraculously and transformationally part of the reward.
Serving God is its own reward and we are not to try to coaxe others into being impressed with a holier than thou attitude (besides, they would never buy it).


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