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Sacramental Bazaar

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When I was ordained as a priest, the preacher for the occasion (The Rev. Canon Bob Carter) said that I was to be a person of Word and Sacrament—letting me know that this was what was essential to my new job. From time to time, I reflect on how I am doing at sticking to Word and Sacrament as the core of my vocation. I have wondered about this when chopping down pine trees on the church property, knocking down walls in the house that King of Peace used to meet in and yesterday during our Christmas Bazaar. What do all these things have to do with Word and Sacrament.

Watching our congregation come together to make and sell the bazaar items and the food for the high tea is seeing a sacrament—an outward sign of an inward and spiritual grace. Outwardly the actions are focused on the stuff created, brought together and sold. Inwardly, this is done not for ourselves, but for the congregation. And this inward action of someone making "a" church into "my" church is an act of making room for God in one's life. It's that simple.

God is present in the church building, in the people serving and the people being served as God will be present in the projects assisted with the funds (the $1,000 or so raised will be split between the Memorial Garden and Outreach).

Seeing and feeling God's presence in our Christmas Bazaar reveals that it was always sacramental—the bazaar was always a way of making God's presence known in our lives. It is amazing how many events are when we take the time to notice.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


  • At 12/05/2005 6:11 PM, Blogger Celeste said…

    Thanks for that blog. I was beginning to think that we had perhaps moved away from God's presence and His will. It was a fun day and good things will come of the money.


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