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Irenic. The word means peaceful. This web log (or blog) exists to create an ongoing, and hopefully peaceful, series of comments on the life of King of Peace Episcopal Church. This is not a closed community. You are highly encouraged to comment on any post or to send your own posts.


Ordinary miracles

Wheat growing in Israel
Amazing GraceIn her book Amazing Grace: a vocabulary of faith Kathleen Norris writes of attending a Bible Study saying

When I dared to speak, I said that my favorite passage in the chapter had always been Mark 4:27, because it speaks so eloquently of an ordinary miracle: that the farmer "should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how." That seems to apply to so much that I do, I said, commitments that I make when I have no idea what I'm getting into, and somehow they grow into something important, before I know it. My marriage, for instance, and the women laughed, knowingly. It also reminded me, I told them, how mysterious are so many of the things that we take for granted. We know how to plow a field, and how to seed it. But germination and growth are hidden from us, beyond our control. All we can do is wait, and hope, and see.

"Only last Saturday," a woman interupted, "at the Lutheran festival fall bazaar, The place mat was real different. I saved mine. There was a picture of a wheat field and a quote from Martin Luther: 'If you could understand a single grain of wheat you would die of wonder.'"


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