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Kind, Clear Debate

Last evening Bishops, Deputies, and visitors shoehorned in to a large ballroom to discuss the recommendations of a special commission tasked with drafting The General Convention's response to the struggles within the Anglican Communion following the 2003 convention's consent to the consecration of an openly homosexual as Bishop. The debate on the multiple resolutions was largely quite clearly presented and stated kindly in the process.

For example, on the conservative end of things, Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh stated clearly that the resolutions without ammendment did not go far enough to distance the Episcopal Church from the earlier actions. Ducan said passing the resolutions as proposed will continue the split being created within the Anglican Communion. From the liberal end of things, Bishop Gene Robsinson of New Hampshire (the Bishop whose consecration is at issue) said we are in this debate because we have seen the fruits of the Spirit evidenced in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ who happen to be gay? These are my paraphrases, but you get the idea - people presented clear views. They also did so without anger or personal attacks. The official article is here: Crowded hearing spotlights Windsor Report response.

This fits well with the rest of the convention which doesn't feel contentious, but more like a large church in which not everyone agrees with or gets along with everyone else, but they are still genuinely glad to see one another on Sunday and to worship together.

What is at issue now is not what people to the left, right or middle of the Episcopal Church want. Nor is the question what others within the Anglican Communion want. The question is "What is the faithful response to which the Holy Spirit is calling the church?" I pray that we will not settle on previously decided positions, which are more likely our own wills for the church. I pray that instead we will be open to where God is guiding us.

In other news, a Deputy from Georgia, college student Sierra Wilkinson, nominated Bonnie Anderson for the important role of President of the House of Deputies. Sierra did a wonderful job at setting forth reasons for Anderson to lead the larger and older of the two bodies (the other is the House of Bishops) which constitute the General Convention. Sierra was the only one to make a nomination and Anderson was elected by acclamation.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


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