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Women Bishops

An Episcopal News Service article notes that the Church of England voted to welcome and affirm "the view of the majority of the House of Bishops that admitting women to the episcopate in the Church of England is consonant with the faith of the Church."

Respected theologian N. T. Wright, who is Bishop of Durham, said that Mary Magdalene was the first person entrusted by Jesus to tell the Good News. "The Anglican tradition needs to go back to scripture and read it afresh with respectful engagement."

Katharine Jefferts SchoriThe article concludes with the summary,
Thirty years ago, the Episcopal Church's General Convention voted to admit women into the priesthood and the episcopate. Fourteen of the 38 Anglican provinces currently make provisions for women in the episcopate. At present, there are 13 active and retired women bishops and bishops-elect in the Episcopal Church and three in the Anglican Church of Canada. The Anglican Church of Aotearoa, Polynesia and New Zealand, has one retired woman bishop.
Of course, the Presiding Bishop elect of The Episcopal Church is Katherine Jefforts-Schori. The decision in England will ease her acceptance within the Church of England and perhaps some other portions of our communion.

Wright is correct in pointing out that while Jesus may have had only male disciples, the role of women in the Gospels in specific and the New Testament as a whole is far from misogynist. Jesus routinely broke down walls between genders as when he spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well and she went on to evangelize her town. Paul also recognized the church leadership of Chloe and other women. While this has been a contentious issue for some, I see no scriptural impediments to women serving as Bishops and Priests.

The best proof of the rightness of ordaining women to me is how I have seen the ministry of female clergy thrive. I know that God is blessing their ministry. I have also been blessed in my own life by the ministry of women serving as pastors and preachers.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


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