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Bloodline Christian Clothing

Beware of practicing your righteousness before men
to be noticed by them.
—Jesus (Matthew 6:1a)

The Rev. Steve Rice at Father Steve's Blog pointed out Bloodline Christian Clothing offering suits bearing the wounds of Christ. In their own words,
The purpose of the marks are for witness tools. When people ask about the marks, it gives you the perfect opportunity to tell them about Jesus and what He did for us on the Cross (Colossians 2:13-15). This further opens the door to ask if they are saved and possibly leading them to the Lord. Tracts will be provided in the jackets inside pockets for additional assistance. As you can see, Bloodline Christian Clothing is not just about selling suits, but is about winning the Lost for Jesus Christ.

The suits are offered four different ways:

  1. The mark on the right side where Jesus was pierced with a spear while on the Cross (John 19:31-35).
  2. The nail prints on the wrist where He was nailed to the Cross (John 20:24-27).
  3. With both the marks on the side and the wrists.
  4. Without any marks.

Despite the goals of Bloodline Christian Clothing, I find the clothing somewhere in the creepy to disgusting range. It also strikes me as the sort of outward piety that Jesus railed against (in Matthew 23:13-33 and elsewhere).

What do y'all think?

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor


  • At 1/03/2007 8:14 AM, Anonymous kenny said…

    I have to confess that it strikes me as kind of strange also. But, if it serves to strike up a conversation about Jesus it may serve its purpose. "Cold" evangelism may not be the ideal but it may be the only kind some people get.

    1Co 9:22 To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

  • At 1/03/2007 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would be afraid to approach anybody wearing such a suit and talk to them about anything! I strongly believe that quiet acts of faith and love are more intriguing and attract more people to the Lord.

    I know that Jesus is highly visible to me through somebody who is kind and compassionate rather than somebody who knocks on the door and shoves a brochure in my face or parades around in a suit with wounds.

    "Outward piety" and "cold evenagelism" are intimidating to many.

  • At 1/03/2007 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I instantly felt sick to my stomach when I saw this. I am troubled by the use of the word "Bloodline." Piety is from within, not something you dryclean and wear when you feel like showing it off. This is very simple minded. I will continue to do my best to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God and if God moves me to speak to someone, I will, no matter what I'm wearing.

    Robin Rapp

  • At 1/03/2007 9:18 AM, Blogger Celeste said…

    It reminds me of the clip you posted a few days ago. The guy with all the bumper stickers may not have any more of a witness than if he was wearing one of these suits. I agree with "anonymous"...I strongly believe that quiet acts of faith and love are more intriguing and attract more people to the Lord.

  • At 1/03/2007 2:56 PM, Anonymous Debbie said…

    I think it is somewhat sacreligious to turn the wounds of our Saviour into a gimmick.

  • At 1/03/2007 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did anybody else notice that they're just ugly suits - even without the red embroidery??!?

  • At 1/03/2007 8:58 PM, Blogger Robin D. said…


  • At 1/03/2007 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did anyone else notice that the prop in the photo above looks oddly like a tombstone, which is even creepier (if that was possible). I won't be buying one.

  • At 1/04/2007 8:01 AM, Anonymous kenny said…

    I'll bet all y'all don't watch NASCAR or rasslin' either, do you?

  • At 1/04/2007 8:54 AM, Anonymous Debbie said…

    You know I watch racing - NASCAR and the Indy Cars!! The suits are just gross and you know that, too, my beloved.

  • At 1/08/2007 9:28 PM, Blogger CSL said…

    I'm going to second the EEEEWWWWW, and say that and add that it makes me think of something you might see on Saturday Night Live. If it looks like satire, you're already in trouble.

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