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Experiencing the Passion

Stations of the Cross at King of Peace
crossing the bridge to our stations trailYesterday, our Kids in the Kingdom Sunday was devoted to Jesus' death and resurrection. Thanks to the creative and hard work of Kelly and Amber, we had a great interactive way for the kids to experience the Stations of the Cross.

At each of the fifteen stops, the kids were given some item to help bring the story home or there was something to experience. So at the 10th station when Jesus is stripped of his clothing, they had a t-shirt for me to rip and then each child received a piece of torn cloth.

Tearing the T-Shirt at the 10th stationThis made the story real as it was told in an age appropriate way which emphasized God's love for the kids and the reality of the resurrection. When we went back to the gazebo and laid the objects out on the cross in the floor, the children readily remembered what the items meant and how they related to the story. I am thankful for the great setup I was given and the chance to share the story with children in a memorable way. And I am thankful to Tammy, Maris, Melissa and Gina who regularly assist with Kids in the Kingdom Sundays as well!

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

Looking back over the object lessons in the gazebo

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