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I’ve never met a pastor who needed help

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From Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Rediscovering Ministry, Bill Easum, with Linnea Nilsen Capshaw, Nashville, Abingdon Press, 2004, pg. 14:
“You know, one of the issues here is that everyone relies too much on the pastor to do all the ministry.”

Before I could finish the man blurted out, “I’m aware our pastor needs help, but we can’t afford to hire any more staff."

I couldn’t let that one go unanswered, so I responded, “I’ve never met a pastor who needed help. You don’t need more staff. All you need to do is equip your congregation to do ministry.”

For a brief moment the man looked at me dumbfounded and perplexed. Then with a hint of sadness in his voice he uttered the most despicable statement a Christian can make: "But we’re just laypeople. We’re not called to the ministry and we certainly aren’t professionals.”
I found this quoted at the blog for Methodist Bishop William Willimon. He has more to say on it here: The point of pastoral ministry: Lay ministry



  • At 4/18/2007 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't mind ministering to one another, but I'll leave the hard stuff to the trained pastor. It's in the job description.


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