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A Supportive Community

Yesterday, I was honored to give the keynote address for an awards breakfast hosted by the TASC Force, a community-based instruction program for the midly to profoundly intellectually disabled in our school system. King of Peace Episcopal Day School has been a partner in this program for two full school years. We are proud to be of service to the community and thankful for the students we have come to know through the program. Our school's director, Gillian Butler was on hand to receive an award for our ongoing support of the program.

In the keynote address, I said in part,
We have deeply theological reasons for supporting the belief that “all persons, regardless of their disability, have the right to a comprehensive and appropriate education that will lead to active participation within one’s own community.” But I will trust that persons of faith already understand our belief that every person should have the God-given gifts within themselves nurtured and so I don’t need to dwell on that. Instead, I prefer to ask you to let your imaginations wander to the place where anything seems possible, the land of fairy tales and make believe.
I went on to demonstrate why I consider TASC a fairy tale program and why I think it is essential to a happily ever after ending. The full text of the address is online here A Fairy Tale Come True.

Then having given the speech, I sat to watch and listen as dozens of students came forward and I learned how they were integrating their learning to practical aspects of shopping or work. So that math is not just something in a book, but a task undertaken in a store while calculating a sale price. And vocabulary is not just on a test, but is written on the signs at a restaurant. I was impressed with the obvious love and devotion of the teachers and their paraprofessionals and the obvious hard work put forth by students on gaining important life skills. It is an honor to be a part of the supportive community which makes this program possible.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

Weblinks concerning people from King of Peace:

Carlene is a therapist new to our area and the church and this news article on the web tells something about her: Dog, horses help therapist reach patients

Bob, is a church member who serves on the Mission Vestry, and is the author of: Parris Island Daze: My Drill Instructor Was Tougher Than Yours

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  • At 5/15/2007 9:59 PM, Blogger November In My Soul said…

    I was first introduced to this terrific program more than a decade ago when I was still a newspaper reporter. I still see one of the students I met there fairly often and his face (and mine I suspect) always lights up.

    These teachers, students and families quietly but steadily work to make sure our world is a little better today than it was yesterday.


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