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Daughters of the King and Kids in the Kingdom

King of Peace's altar flowersToday, we chartered the Susanna Wesley Chapter of the Daughters of the King. Our chapter now includes Debbie, Janis, June and their chaplain, Deacon Jennifer Highsmith. The pledges made to prayer and service are a great example to us all of how we should seek to live out our faith in our daily lives.

After the 10 a.m. service, we celebrated a Kids in the Kingdom Sunday by connecting communion and Thanksgiving. As the kids learned, Eucharist means "Thanksgiving." I showed them the vestments I wear and spoke about them. I also showed them up close the sacristy and the vessels and linens for the altar as we talked about why we set the time apart as holy time. Then I connected our weekly Great Thanksgiving of the Eucharist with Jesus Last Supper with his disciples, a meal offered in thanks with family and friends. Not so different in kind from our own Thanksgiving feasts. Then the kids made centerpieces to take home naming the things for which they are thankful to God.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

Diocese of Georgia DOK President Cindy Coward with me and our daughters.

All the Daughters of the King at the service including daughters from Savannah and our neighboring DOK Chapter at Christ Episcopal Church in St. Marys.

Kids making crafts for Kids in the Kingdom.

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