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Light from the Shadows

Victoria, Carlene and I led a spirituality retreat this past Friday evening and Saturday through early afternoon with the help of the Revs. Linda McCloud and Joan Kilian as well as Judy Carter and Jacqui Belcher. This was the second of three Journey to Wholeness retreats we are holding at Honey Creek this year.

This retreat, called Light from the Shadows taught techniques for greater self awareness about negative aspects of our personality using dream work, personality types, artwork and even the annoying people in our lives.

The event was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy and benefit from the program (and the time at Honey Creek). We even got to share Friday evening's Celtic Evening Prayer liturgy with the Deacons of the Diocese of Georgia as their conference coincided with the retreat.

The next retreat is coming up February 1-2, 2008. That retreat will center on spiritual growth, what it means and how to nourish it within you. More information is online at

Below are some pictures of the weekend, click on any photo to see a larger version of it.

the wine and cheese reception
A wine and cheese reception began the retreat.

the opening general session
Jacqui Belcher speaks in the opening session.

The Chapel of Our Savior by night
The Honey Creek chapel at night.

A participant works on a mandala art project
A participants works on an art project.

breakfast in the Honey Creek dining hall
Breakfast in the Honey Creek dining hall.

Carlene leads a dream group
Carlene leads a group dream exercise.



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