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The Episcopal Church Aids Mayanmar

Episcopal Relief and Development is, once again, responding to tragedy with support. ERD has a proven ability to find partners with whom to work to get the aid in after a natural disaster. Now that the low-lying Irrawaddy River Delta has been flooded with a 12-foot wall of water, food is short, the water supply is tainted and more suffering is anticipated. Abagail Nelson, ERD's VP for Programs says,
Episcopal Relief and Development's programs in Myanmar have helped people achieve economic stability through education, vocational training, and micro-finance initiatives. We have also provided tools and training to improve the food supply and access to clean water. This is a major disaster that will require a strong and committed response. Survivors urgently need water, food, and shelter. We must respond generously to save lives now and help people recover.
To help people affected by the cyclone in Myanmar, make a donation to ERD's "Myanmar & Cyclone Response" online here, or by calling 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to: Episcopal Relief and Development "Myanmar & Cyclone Response" P.O. Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058 or click the ERD link above to donate funds online.

You can also find online an Update from the Anglican Church of the Province of Myanmar.

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  • At 5/12/2008 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I certainly pray that these victims do get the help and supplies that they need. I read a sad story this weekend that the Red Cross momentarily haulted sending supplies because the government was hoarding them and not giving them to the people. So, when you send donations, ask God to send the angels along also to help get everything where it is needed!


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