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Christ's Own Forever

Today, the 10 a.m. worship service was blessed by the musical gifts of the Filipino Harmonic Choir from Jacksonville, who played and sang for the service both in music they presented and in leading congregational singing.

Also, Amie and Evan were baptized into Christ's body, the church. Mom went first and then Evan, who had been a little worried about it had no problems with his own baptism. Afterwards they were each anointed with holy oil. First Mom and then Evan were anointed and the words said for him, "Evan, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit in baptism and marked as Christ's own forever," he said clearly and with some feeling, "Good."

Good indeed. The day continues. The youth were meeting today for a pool party and there is a King of Peace led worship service this afternoon at Magnolia Manor.

Amie is baptized
Evan checks out the water
Evan is baptized
Evan is anointed with oil

A later in the day update:
The photos below show the youth practicing acolyting for the 8:30 a.m. worship service and Bill Bruce playing the piano for the fifth Sunday of the month, King of Peace led service at Magnolia Manor. Photos of the pool party are still coming...

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  • At 6/29/2008 4:31 PM, Anonymous kelly said…

    The youth group party was a success--or at least, it looked fun! The rain even held off until departure time. I played the role of photographer. BIG LAUGH OUT LOUD! I don't know how to get the photos from the camera into the computer so I can send them. We'll have to wait for Joe...

  • At 6/30/2008 8:31 AM, Anonymous Kelly said…

    We had "technical difficulties" last night with the photos. Hopefully, you will have them by this evening! :)


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