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Gas for going to mass?

Reuter's reports on what people will do for free gas including two churches responding to the high price of fuel. The first is Higher Ground Church is Mesquite Texas whose day care vans were siphoned for gas. Pastor James Green said, "All he had to do was come and ask us and we would have bought him a tank of gas."

Or maybe they should have attended St. Ann's Catholic Church in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where the Rev. Edward McDonagh has a drawing for a $50 gasoline card at every weekly mass. The article goes on to say,
The drawings are symbolic gestures and not intended to boost attendance, he said.

"When Jesus was at the wedding feast of Cana, the groom ran out of wine, he produced the wine for them," he said. "In that spirit, we feel that this might be comparable."



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