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An Update from Anaheim

The Diocese of Georgia deputation on the floor of the House of Deputies

A major shift in action is taking place here at The General Convention as most committees have finished their hearings and their consideration of resolutions. Those perfected, committee approved resolutions are making their way to either the House of Bishops or the House of Deputies for debate and a vote. To be passed as an action of the convention, any resolution must get passed in the same form by both houses. The House of Deputies started today three days behind as debate has taken longer than anticipated. But it does take time to work through weighty issues prayerfully and with due consideration.

For example, we considered today a major revision to the calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts, considering adding very many persons as examples of a faithful life in which others see Christ. Personally, I find it to be far too much to be considered at once and an unhelpful change to our calendar. Debate showed I was not alone in this opinion. Many would want a slower process as we have had in the past, rather than accepting en masse such a large group of persons for our calendar of saints. But my view was felt by only about a third of the House and some actions related to the calendar have passed, though the bulk will be considered this afternoon. If passed, it is a trial revision to be revisited after three years of usage by the church. And that is as it should be.

Know that your Diocese of Georgia deputation is reading resolutions carefully and responding with the prayer and care one should expect for this gathering. We appreciate your prayers for our work and that of the House of Bishops.

Over at the Diocese of Georgia's General Convention page there are more frequent updates from the deputation.

The Rev. Frank Logue, C1 Deputy
Diocese of Georgia



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