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Responding to Haiti's Crisis

As you pray for Haiti, know that it is the largest diocese in The Episcopal Church. Haiti is one of the mission areas outside the US that remains part of our largely US denomination. From the Diocese of Haiti, the Rev. Kesner Ajax writes:
    • There is no Cathedral. The entire Holy Trinity complex is gone.
    • The convent for the Sisters of St. Margaret is gone.
    • The Bishop's house is gone.
    • College St. Pierre is gone.
    • The apartment for College St. Pierre is still standing.
    • Bishop no longer has a house in which to live.
    • In Trouin, four people were killed during a service.
    • In Grand Colline, the church is gone.
    • In St. Etienne, the church is gone.
    • In Les Cayes, BTI is OK, but some people were injured trying to get out of the buildings during the quake.
    • The rectory in Les Cayes is in very bad condition.
Because this is our largest diocese, The Episcopal Church is in a position to respond and Episcopal Relief and Development is already jumping into action. To donate directly, follow this link: E R-D Haiti Fund.



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