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Capacity Building

The current building for San Padro y San Pablo

Among the churches we visited today was the little store-front style church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in a very poor and somewhat dangerous area of Santo Domingo. We met Pimpa, a lay woman who was one of the founders more than 20 years ago. We also visited the construction site of the new two story building, built higher off the ground as the area is prone to flooding, particularly if hurricane season brings a storm ashore. The new building will include a school and will serve as a shelter in case of a storm.

This type of capacity building is common in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, which has doubled the number of church buildings in the past decade to 70, with at least two new buildings being built each year and four under construction now. I was reminded of King of Peace's own story several times today while hearing people talk in the DR about their vision and their work. I am amazed at the diocesan support these churches are able to receive. This sort of capacity building that was ongoing is part of what is allowing The Episcopal Church in the DR to be the major conduit for aid to Haiti. More on that later.


Pimpa and the current pastor, the recently ordained Deacon Adolpho

Inside the present church.

The new church under construction.

In the nave of the new church building.



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