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Doritos and the Resurrection?

Mosaic Church, a Los Angeles church of 3,000 members, is competing in the Super Bowl. The church created an ad called "casket" which they entered in the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest which will air one of the contest entries as their Super Bowl ad. According to news reports, Erwin McManus, Mosaic's lead pastor, sees the contest as an opportunity to make his faith relevant to one of the largest TV audiences in the nation when viewers least expect it — and are least likely to tune out.

The ad above has great production values and a fun punchline, but does it make the resurrection relevant? I'm not knocking their effort. After all, I think any ad which actually did deal more directly with faith would not have made the cut for the 30-second spot. Perhaps what their contest entry really did was get the word out about the California congregation itself and at that, the publicity about their video has done great job. What do you think?



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