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The Price That They Paid

King of Peace's Memorial Garden with the flags out for Memorial Day

The following poem written by King of Peace's own Dale Bundy is one to share this Memorial Day as we remember all who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

You rest now dear,
She told him,
As she sat down,
On the bench nearby.

Every day,
She'd make the walk,
And this time she swore,
She'd not cry.

But the memories came,
Of their life.
And their love,
'Till a war took his life away.

And the tears that she shed,
Every time she came here,
Meant more,
Than could words ever say.

Sometimes she brought flowers,
To place on his stone,
Or she'd read him,
A letter she wrote.

And when she got to the end,
It was always the same,
An "I love you",
Would catch in her throat.

It was hard to leave him,
Alone in that place,
But she carried him home,
In her heart.

When he died,
She vowed,
To never forget,
His sacrifice and she did her part.

This Memorial Day,
Remember the ones,
Who may be forgotten,
And gone.

Take a moment,
And remember,
The price that they paid,
Don't leave their memories alone.



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