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Stay with us Lord

Along the Road to EmmausTomorrow, we will read together the story of Jesus meeting two disciples on the Road to Emmaus after his resurrection. As Luke Timothy Johnson writes,
There is an almost pastoral quality to this story. It has the feel of an evening spring walk in the country and a quiet conversation and a spiritual presence. No wonder monks pray at the end of the day in words taken from the disciples...."Stay with us Lord, for evening falls."
The two disciples are slipping out of Jerusalem, still in doubt and confusion after hearing early reports that the Jesus they know to be dead has been resurrected. Jesus comes to them, offering his presence in the midst of their troubles. Jesus does not force himself on the one-time disciples who no longer recognize their Lord, but remains available, waiting to be invited in.


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    Along with the parable of the Prodigal Son, this is my favourite gospel story. This is my little contribution.

    The Road to Emmaus

    “Stay with us Lord, it is almost evening
    And the day is now nearly done”
    Stay with us Lord and guide us
    Till the battle is over and we have won.

    Stay a while with us Lord, refresh us
    For we are weary and faint of heart
    Stay with us Lord and be gracious
    And this Easter time, grant us a new start.

    May our hearts burn with zeal for you Lord,
    Even while we are tired and weak
    Be with us Lord and walk with us
    We need you Lord, it is you we seek.

    Teach our hearts to know you Lord
    When we sit at your table to dine.
    Open our eyes to see you in the Sacred Bread
    And in the Blessed Cup of Wine.

    This day and forever, revive our feeble spirits
    And may we with faith and fervor spread the Easter story,
    “We have seen the Lord, He is risen, Alleluia”
    “The tomb is empty, He is risen in glory.”

    May God bless you.



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