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The least of these

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said this week,
There is no place for apathy in a world which sees 30,000 children die each day because of poverty related conditions. The bible teaches that whatever we do to the poorest we do also for Jesus. We believe God judges nations by what they do to the poorest.
Williams statement came as part of communiqué created by church leaders from the UK, the US, Africa and elsewhere to go to the G-8 leaders gathering in Scotland in July. The Anglican Communion News Service report went on to say
Archbishop Rowan underscored the "deep convergence" of churches from North America, Europe and the Global South regarding the issue of extreme poverty. Churches of all traditions, he said, have found that they have a "common moral base resting on the bible" which calls them to act for economic justice.

The Archbishop also observed that the eradication of poverty is a "generational issue". It is, he said, "the moral cause of the younger generation whose moral vision must be affirmed."
The full text of the press release and the communiqué itself are found online.

This communiqué comes out together with a statement by key leaders in the UK of Christianity, Judaism and Islam publicly urging their Prime Minister Tony Blair to make the case for concrete actions to aid the poorest peoples on earth. That multi-faith letter said in part,
We start from the reality that at the heart of our three great Abrahamic faiths, stands a shared vision of what is owed by right to those who are most in need. For Christian, Jew, and Muslim alike, a world that fails to offer a full measure of compassionate justice to all our brothers and sisters, whoever and wherever they may be, is a world that is failing to meet God's design for humanity.
The full text of that statement is found here. Do you like it when religion gets involved in politics? By what means are Christians and other persons of faith to reach out to those in need?

One concrete step you can take is to leave this blog by way of The Hunger Site where thanks for you stopping in, advertisers will donate to world hunger projects.


  • At 1/18/2006 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I enjoyed this blog. Found it looking for comments on "Why men hate going to church." I have a couple of thoughts (as a man)about what the book missed and would like your response.
    1. Christians have turned Jesus into a neutered Mr. nice guy. He's all meek and mild and most men aren't comfortable with that whole "metro-male" thing.
    2. The songs at church are mostly "Jesus is my boyfriend and I really love him" stuff.
    3. The church hierarchy often bashes men and sings the praises of the female.
    4. Christians are always talking about "personal relationships with Jesus and each other." Men don't like "relationship" speeches. Hint: what did Jesus preach? Personal relationships or repent, believe, and follow?
    5. Men hate things like share time, personal testimony time, passing the peace/ hug everybody you don't know time.
    6. Church has turned into a sentimental emotion-fest. Worship has become just another "Chick flick." Men don't like church for the same reason they don't watch Oprah. Nothing wrong with it, it's just a girl thing.
    7. The Rector, vestry, education teachers, youth director, treasurer, and secretary, even acolytes, are all female. Men don't like female domination any more than women like male domination.
    8. At church, the teaching is fluff and the expectations low. At least with Nascar, the skill is hard won, the expectations high, and the competition fierce. In a busy world, Nascar is a more worthy investment.
    9. Men don't mind paying for something that impacts or improves their lives - boats, cable, satellites, etc. What have we done to worship that it isn't worth it to men?
    10. The problem isn't the feminine side of Christianity. Men actually like women. The problem is that Christians have emasculated the church.

    What do you think of my top ten?



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