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A cycle of renewal

The current issue of Newsweek features a cover story on Spirituality in America. The article mentions an April 8, 1966 cover story in Time magazine asking Is God Dead? The Newsweek article answers with some hindsight
Newsweek coverWhat was dying in 1966 was a well-meaning but arid theology born of rationalism: a wavering trumpet call for ethical behavior, a search for meaning in a letter to the editor in favor of civil rights. What would be born in its stead, in a cycle of renewal that has played itself out many times since the Temple of Solomon, was a passion for an immediate, transcendent experience of God.
Click on the magazine cover to read the text of the article which looks at the breadth of current spiritual quests in America. There is also a joint Belief.Net/Newsweek poll on spirituality found online here which found among other things that
Seventy-nine percent said they pray at least once a week compared to 45% who said they went to worship services during that time.
In the King of Peace archives is the sermon Thoroughly Postmodern Paul which relates in its assertion that
When Nietzsche declared that God is dead, he wasn’t completely wrong. But if God was dead, whose god was dead? Perhaps it was the god of Immanuel Kant who wrote of religion within the limits of reason alone. The Enlightenment killed the god of reason and the philosophers, not the one true God. The death of Nietzsche’s god was no great loss as the god who was killed off by the 19th and 20th century thinkers had only been invented in the 17th century.
And after reading through Newsweek's take on spirituality in America, you may want to peruse the Spirituality page at the King of Peace website for its related links.


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