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Men and Church Revisited

perhaps the problem starts earlyThis blog marches on with new posts day after day. But the old ones stay online and get visits and comments, which might go unnoticed if I didn't have a feature that emails me comments posted to Irenic Thoughts. Yesterday, a comment came in to a post from July on Why Men hate going to church. The anonymous comment offered these thoughts that I offer here for your thoughts and comments:
I enjoyed this blog. Found it looking for comments on "Why men hate going to church." I have a couple of thoughts (as a man) about what the book missed and would like your response.
1. Christians have turned Jesus into a neutered Mr. nice guy. He's all meek and mild and most men aren't comfortable with that whole "metro-male" thing.
2. The songs at church are mostly "Jesus is my boyfriend and I really love him" stuff.
3. The church hierarchy often bashes men and sings the praises of the female.
4. Christians are always talking about "personal relationships with Jesus and each other." Men don't like "relationship" speeches. Hint: what did Jesus preach? Personal relationships or repent, believe, and follow?
5. Men hate things like share time, personal testimony time, passing the peace/ hug everybody you don't know time.
6. Church has turned into a sentimental emotion-fest. Worship has become just another "Chick flick." Men don't like church for the same reason they don't watch Oprah. Nothing wrong with it, it's just a girl thing.
a poor excuse7. The Rector, vestry, education teachers, youth director, treasurer, and secretary, even acolytes, are all female. Men don't like female domination any more than women like male domination.
8. At church, the teaching is fluff and the expectations low. At least with Nascar, the skill is hard won, the expectations high, and the competition fierce. In a busy world, Nascar is a more worthy investment.
9. Men don't mind paying for something that impacts or improves their lives—boats, cable, satellites, etc. What have we done to worship that it isn't worth it to men?
10. The problem isn't the feminine side of Christianity. Men actually like women. The problem is that Christians have emasculated the church.

What do you think of my top ten?—Anonymous
So what do y'all think of this new top ten reasons men avoid church?

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


  • At 1/19/2006 4:36 PM, Anonymous William said…

    I think the writer uses a bit of hyperbole to make an excellent point: The Church often presents Christ as an effiminate peacenik. The Mel Gibson movie "Passion of Christ" may have put the picture a little more in focus but it put too much emphasis on the suffering and Christ going forward as the meek sacrificial lamb.

    He was a carpenter. Surely He was physically strong and accustomed to hard work. He resisted both the Jewish and the Roman power structures. When everyone who loved Him abondoned Him, He stood firm and faced a fate truly more horrible than we can imagine.

    Christ was a warrior. He fought, not with weapons, but with love. Even with the best of modern weapons and armor, it takes a brave man to face an armed enemy. How much more so empty handed?

    Christ clear enjoyed male bonding. He liked fishin', did a little drinkin' and wasn't afraid of wrasslin'(He chased the money changers out of The Temple).

    But seriously, the writer's point is well taken. A more rounded presentation of who Christ truly was couldn't hurt.

  • At 1/19/2006 6:49 PM, Blogger Naomi said…

    Excuses, not reasons.



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