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Dad, Tell me about Elijah

Reading the Bible in a blacksmith's shop
In a recent issue of Spiritus Gladius, the newsletter of St. Paul the Apostle Episcopal Church in Savannah, Harry Shipps, retired bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, wrote,

One need not be a theologian or biblical scholar to be at home with some of the great Bible stories, such as the notable ones listed below, which comprise our priceless cultural heritage. Familiarity with them is not likely to occur on a Sunday morning. Group Bible Study is great but often more focused on theology. Reading the Bible in the home with children, old fashioned and non-electronic, can be fun and help us all recall who we are and where we came from.

Are you or your children familiar with some of the delightful, sometimes humorous, often intriguing events that occured in the Old Testament? Get out you Bible (a contemporary translation, not a paraphrase) and delight your children (and yourself) with these stories.

  • Creation, Genesis 1-2
  • Adam & Eve, Genesis 3
  • Noah & the Ark, Genesis 7-9
  • Abraham and Isaac, Genesis 22
  • Jacob's Ladder, Genesis 28
  • Joseph's coat of many colors, Genesis 37
  • God calls Moses, Exodus 3
  • Crossing the Red Sea, Exodus 14
  • The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20
  • Balaam's Ass speaks, Numbers 22
  • Joshua captures Jericho, Joshua 6
  • Gideon & his army, Judges 7
  • Samson & Delilah, Judges 16
  • David & Goliath, I Samuel 17
  • David & Bathseheba (PG-13), II Samuel 11-12
  • Elijah vs. Prophets of Baal, I Kings 18
  • Elijah taken up into heaven, II Kings 2
  • God calls Isaiah, Isaiah 6
  • Jonah and the "whale," Jonah 1-2
In the archives is the religion column An Introduction to the Bible.


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