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Communion past/present/future

In tomorrow's Gospel reading Jesus concludes his words on being the Bread of Life which we have read the previous two Sundays. In the words of Lindy Black at her page Sermon Nuggets,
Here the language of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ becomes graphic and specific. The Greek verb for "eat" changes from a generic term for eating (which might be understood symbolically as well) to a specific verb meaning "to chew upon" which could only be interpreted literally. The meaning of the teaching for the gospel's audience: Those, and only those, who gather to offer the Eucharist and so receive the blessed and transformed bread and wine have eternal life. Indeed, the gospel commends this is the means, par excellence, of abiding in Jesus Christ (verse 56).
Black also notes that "Communion has a past/present/future quality about it" and goes on to write,
  • Called "The Lord's Supper," it is a memorial meal that we do "in remembrance." It solidifies our traditional faith as we envision ourselves back there in that upper room with Jesus.
  • Called "Communion," it is a present tense, acknowledging that "where two or three are gathered," Christ is present. Here we see Him as host who invites us to His table.
  • Called "Eucharist" (thanksgiving), it is a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. This is the not-yet of the kindom of God for which we hunger and thirst.


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