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Irenic. The word means peaceful. This web log (or blog) exists to create an ongoing, and hopefully peaceful, series of comments on the life of King of Peace Episcopal Church. This is not a closed community. You are highly encouraged to comment on any post or to send your own posts.


Taking Christ Seriously

Joe Ratulowski's baptism
The Rev. Dr. Hans Kung wrote,
New possibilities arise whenever a priest in the pulpit...preaches this Jesus; when parents give Christian instruction; an individual, a family or parish prays seriously without a lot of words. They arise when a baptism is carried out in the name of Jesus Christ, when the Eucharist is celebrated in a community committed to drawing the conclusions for everyday life; when in the power of God forgiveness of sin is incomprehensibly assured.

New opportunities arise therefore whenever in the service of God and the service of humanity, in instruction and pastoral care, in conversation and chritable service, the Gospel is truthfully proclaimed and life is lived and seen to be lived in accordance with it.

In brief, the following of Christ takes place when the cause of Jesus Christ is taken seriously.


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