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The Gift of Giving

Beggar on the Spanish Steps in Rome Woman begging on Rome's famed Spanish Steps.

Before I left on my recent trip to Italy and France, a parishioner placed a twenty dollar bill in my hand after church. He said that as I am a priest and consequently a soft touch, I should use the money to give to beggars I see on my travels. I took the twenty, converted it to Euros and proceeded to distribute the funds as directed. What a gift it turned out to be to effortlessly share the money I had been given to give! It made me happy to see someone obviously in need, knowing that I needed to hand him or her a Euro (about $1.35) or two.

As I went about giving to beggars, I could see that God has given all of us gifts with the expectation that we will pass along to those in need from what we have been given. Just as I was to go around Rome looking for needy to help using the $20, so too each of us has received from God's love gifts to use in sharing that love. Sometimes it is money. Sometimes it is our talents or abilities. Sometimes it is our prayers or even just our presence with someone in need. In any of these ways, it is in giving that we receive.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

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