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Irenic. The word means peaceful. This web log (or blog) exists to create an ongoing, and hopefully peaceful, series of comments on the life of King of Peace Episcopal Church. This is not a closed community. You are highly encouraged to comment on any post or to send your own posts.


Email and website woes

Yes, I know that my email went from poorly functioning a week ago to not working at all two days ago and then this morning the whole site seemingly disappeared from cyberspace. The short answer is, we are working on getting things restored.

The longer answer is that here is what happened: King of Peace's website has for a year been bumping up against full. After seven years of placing things online, we had filled the hard drive space we rent from iPower in a building in Arizona. I continually deleted old things (like back issues of the newsletter and audio files of old sermons) to make space for ne things. As email shares hard drive space with the website, when the website was filling the hard drive, my in box would fill up quickly with email, if it was available at all. iPower told me earlier this week that all could be solved with a move to different software on a different server which would allow us to increase hard drive space four fold. In that move, problems ensued. Each of the lengthy chats with tech support has resulted in a promised fix and each fix takes 12-24 hours to test in the real world as that is how long it takes a change in register entry to propogate around the World Wide Web.

I just got off the phone, and there is another change, which could later today result in the website and email running smoothly once more. In the meantime, assume any emails to me this week have not arrived. This is certainly true for any since Tuesday. If you need to get word to me, a phone is the only solution for the next 12-24 hours.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor


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