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Prayer for Use of Technology

Lord, I am so often overtaken by machines, trapped by technology. My older skills are dying: I telephone instead of writing letters, I put on the CD instead of opening the lid of the piano, I drive to the shops in a sealed box well out of reach of my neighbours. And sometimes I feel controlled by what I should be controlling.

Help me to find my life again, enhanced and not eroded by these technical aids. Help me to take control, at least in my heart, and put them in their place. I do know that it is really a useful, impressive place: a place worthy of products of the highest human ingenuity. But I know too that it is a place where they are subordinate to human needs and human cares.

Help me, Lord, to rejoice at the machines, and to be hopeful about the future benefits they can bring.

May technology serve us Lord, so that we may better serve one another, and you.

—written by Jeff Astley and found at the After Sunday website



  • At 5/20/2008 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Look how technology has improved the life of the woman in the picture. She can do all of her shopping from the TV, never having to leave home. Now she can spend all of her time cooking and cleaning while wearing her dress and heals with the pearl earings. Not to mention that she is perfectly coiffed. Must be one of those valium hallucinations from the Fifties.:)

    Personally, I prefer phone calls to letters. I thank God for the CD player and CDs considering that I was not given the talent to make my own beautiful music. The mall is a great place to take the neighbors; I do prefer the rocking chair front porches though. But, at least we can shop together on line! :) And, if I do venture out alone and anybody may need me, I'm only a cell phone call away.

    "May technology serve us Lord, so that we may better serve one another, and you."



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