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Pray for Stranded Anglicans

The Internet makes connections possible never dreamed of in the past. Because of web access, we know that a group of 150 Anglicans are now stranded in the Congo on the wrong side of rebel lines and their lives are endangered by the need to return home from a church meeting. The report through Episcopal Life says in part,
The civil war and ethnic strife in the Congo has claimed four million lives since 1994 and is widely recognized as the bloodiest conflict since World War II.

Janette O'Neill, director of Africa programs for ERD, received news of the rebel activities as she was en route to Boga to visit with Isingoma and the local communities to hear about the progress made with ERD-supported micro credit, small business, malaria control and HIV/AIDS programs.

Bishop Isingoma from an earlier photoO'Neill is now traveling to Kampala, Uganda, where she will work with the Congo church liaison office to assess the immediate humanitarian needs and respond to the crisis. "I urge Episcopalians to pray for peace in Congo and for the safety of Bishop Isingoma, his wife Mugisa, and those in their care," said O'Neill.

Isingoma and the synod delegates "have no way out as all roads are cut off," Ngadjole said, noting that their only option is to take a diverted route to reach Bunia, a distance of about 124 miles, at their own risk. "Those coming from the invaded area have not yet heard from their families."
The full report is online here: Threat of rebel attacks leaves Congolese Anglicans stranded following synod meeting.

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