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An Update from the Congo

You may recall an earlier post Pray for Stranded Anglicans which told of a group of 150 that could not safely return home from a diocesan convention due to rebel attacks. An update is online here Anglicans arrive in Bunia after two-day trek through Equatorial forest and news of aid going to them through Episcopal Relief and Development is online here In Congo, ERD responds to civil unrest.

The short version is that:
Bishop Henri Isingoma and a group of Anglicans from the Diocese of Boga have arrived safely in Bunia after a recent upsurge in rebel activity forced them to travel for two days through the bush in eastern Congo.
About 40 families are temporarily living in church buildings in Bunia. United Nations peacekeepers have been stationed around Bunia to quell the violence but tensions remain high as government troops clash with rebels in neighboring regions only six miles away from the Bunia. As the threat of attack persists outside of the town, displaced people are continuing to seek shelter in Bunia churches. It remains unclear when the rebel groups will disperse and allow the families to return home securely. ERD is providing funds for the churches to feed and shelter the refugees until they can safely relocate.

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