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The Amazing Grace Project

Diocese of the Arctic Synod

The Anglican Church of Canada created an fun way to raise money in support of their clergy working in the far north. Named The Amazing Grace Project, Anglican churches in Canada were asked to sing Amazing Grace on Sunday, November 23. They were encouraged to film the singing and send it to the national churches website. Hundreds of churches accepted the challenge. According to a news article run at Episcopal Life,
The initiative was intended as a unity building exercise but also included a fundraising component. Each singer was encouraged to donate 2 Canadian dollars (US$1.61) to support youth ministry and clergy training in Canada's northern territories. The majority of clergy in these areas are non-stipendiary, or unpaid; the money raised will allow clergy to travel from their remote communities to receive training.
The full text of the article is online here: Anglicans uplift and upload with 'Amazing Grace'.

You can see the project and some of its videos online here: The Amazing Grace Project. The result will be a single video of Anglicans all over Canada singing Amazing Grace together. It will be posted December 1 on the project website and through YouTube.

St. Barnabas, Moosehide, Yukon

All Saints, Medicine Hat, AB

St. Swithin's, Seal Cove, NL

Church of Saint Luke the Evangelist, Peterborough ON

Task Force Kandahar, Afghanistan

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