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Family Reunion Time Again

The Diocese of Georgia gathers this evening for its 187th annual convention. We will meet in Albany, hosted there by St. Paul's Church. We will be reconnecting old friends, Belize and Georgia as the Bishop of our former companion diocese of Belize, the Right Reverend Philip S. Wright, will be the keynote speaker. The convention will also set the budget for this year and will vote on admitting King of Peace and St. Luke's, Hawkinsville as parishes of the Diocese. A yes vote is anticipated to both requests, but it takes two consecutive conventions to ratify the action, so we'll be back in February 2010 to make our second request. Details on the convention business are online here: The 187th Diocesan Convention.

But beyond all the business, and there will be a FULL day of it tomorrow, we gather as a family when we get together with the rest of the Diocese. This will also be the last regular convention with Bishop Louttit as our bishop. The LouttitsHis successor will be elected at a special convention on September 12. So it is a bittersweet time with him and Jan, as we are thankful for their leadership and that they will get needed rest from their labors, and yet we wish we didn't have to see them go in their important roles, where they have functioned as something like grandparents for the diocesan family teaching us our own stories and loving us.

Victoria and I will be on hand together with King of Peace's delegate, June Maxwell, and alternate, Bill Bruce, to reestablish old relationships and make new ones with our fellow Episcopalians in this corner of the kingdom. It's always tiring and always fun. The convention will end with ordinations on Saturday.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

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The map above is an interactive one through Google Maps linking to the churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, which as you can see, covers the lower 2/3s of the state. The Diocese of Atlanta covers the remainder of the state.



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