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Holy Toilet Bowl?

Today at 2:30 p.m. a memorial service for Robert Jolliffe, a part of the congregation at Magnolia Manor for whom Bill Bruce played each Wednesday and King of Peace provides fifth Sunday services. Below is a poem that blends Bob's faith and his playful side:

I never thought of a toilet bowl as a metaphor for Holy,
but look it up, the point comes out as preaching makes it clearer,
Consider pure: and consecrated, set apart for specific purpose.
And look at pure, "free from defilement, chaste and unpolluted"
Attributes into which our faith is deeply rooted.

It takes a military mind set, to fight a spiritual war
The weapons carried into the fray must be kept in working order.
Metaphors are often used in war's vocabulary.
They stick in ones mind to make it quick
and keep the worrier wary

Keep in mind the toilet bowl, keep it clean and ready
dispose of all that isn't God and hold a course that's steady
Take the waste of sin and shame and soil that slows life's Battle rush.
Deposit it in your Holy bowl
and don't forget to flush!

Bob Jolliffe



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