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End Valentine's Day - for Good!

Of all the holidays of the year, Valetine's Day is the most thoroughly self-defeating. Today is a day for celebrating love and, since the high middle ages, romance. But romance is at its best when it is unexpected. Nothing could be more expected than flowers or chocolates or jewelry or whatever else is usually given to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I grew up in my Mom's flower shop where Valentine's Day didn't merely mean hard work, but that customers were getting the worst quality of the year. After all, most everyone wanted red roses and there is no way to have enough high quality red roses all on one day. Growers then play games to hold some blooms and ruch others. The end result was lots of folks spending too much money to get poor quality flowers

My wife, Victoria, and I pledged not to observe Valentine's some years back. It was a very liberating move. I recommend the change highly. This is not an anti-romantic move, but actually a suggestion to actually be romantic rather than opting for giving gifts on this most expected and therefore least romantic day of the year.

The antidote I suggest will keep flower shops, cards shops and confectioners happy and will still let your significant other know you love him or her. What I recommend is that you pledge today to never celebrate Valentine's Day again. In exchange, you agree that you will do something nice, romantic and unexpected for your significant other. Buy flowers on some random day just because of love. Bring chocolates home for love alone. Send a card because you want to share your love. Do something on a day that is not significant for any other reason than it gives you an opportunity to show your love.

Opt for the unexpected way of showing love year after year and you will be so much better off, you will wonder why we ever thought a day dedicated to romance was possible, much less a good idea.

End Valentine's Day for good. It is the most romantic step you can take. Pass the word.



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