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Sustained Support for Haiti

The most urgent work in the Dominican Republic at present is their sustained support for their own mother diocese of Haiti. The diocese is sending food through to keep displaced Haitians fed by the thousands in the 26 refugee camps run by The Episcopal Church. In addition, important work is taking place on the border town of Jimani (pronounced Yih Mah Nee). The Rev. Jesus Mosque is the priest there at San Pablo Apostol Church.

Working with Episcopal Relief and Development the diocese here has established a Relief and Information Center in Jimani. A building with dormitory space is now under construction. Those of us here from the Diocese of Georgia plan to put together a trip there. I wish I had pictures, but the relief and construction workers have priority and at present we can't get to Jimani. Instead we have been in direct contact with those here who will make a return trip from the Diocese of Georgia possible. The logistics are now in place.

This will not be an easy trip. While safe to travel and to stay there, we need to put together a team that can come two months from now to complete the dorm. This will mean sleeping on the floor of the dorm under construction as the work is completed. We anticipate a painting and finishing work crew that will bring supplies and get the dorm useable by the steady stream of relief workers who will continue to be needed in Haiti for the coming years.

Do you feel called to this trip? Are you ready to go to work on a construction project that will matter for years to come? Are you willing to be led and to put your own ideas of how things should happen aside in order to get the work done? For those willing to rough it a bit, the upcoming week-long work in Jimani may be the most important thing you do this decade.

For those looking for something less challenging, there are two options: 1) the team that comes will have to have a Home Team offering support and prayer and, 2) we are also setting up other trips here to areas less challenging and more easily accessible and workable. Information will be forthcoming soon on several trips.


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