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WWJT - What Would Jesus Tweet?

The video above was created by the Anglican Church in Canada for its own context. For those seeing this blog on Facebook, the video is online here: Catch the Buzz.

I share it here in hopes of hearing what others think of it. I kinda like it, and think it leans once more toward the church as non-profit working on social services. The church may do many things to live into its faith that do have us caring directly for those most in need, but this is our way of incarnating (making real) the Gospel in our lives. This is a natural outgrowth of worship and so a byproduct of our purpose, which is a good way of seeing the fruit of our worship life. But divorced from the Gospel (they don't go that far, and yet...) and the worship life of a community of Christians, the works we do would be as dead as faith without works. That's my rant. What's yours?

The Rev. Frank Logue, Video Critic



  • At 6/09/2010 7:53 AM, Blogger Cathy said…

    Oh yes, I am posting this on FB - excellent video. We need more videos like this -- would make an excellent commercial on tv.


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