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To the Glory of God

Our book study on Esther de Waal's Seeking God comes to an end tonight. Through the book, we have delved into the spirituality of Benedict of Nursia, which emphasizes a balanced life. One way this balance is achieved through the realization that all work is prayer. This concept leads one to be attentive to the work one does, no matter how menial the task, recognizing that God may be glorified in all that we do.

This concept might have been more vague had not it been being lived out in our midst as the course progressed. For week by week we have studied de Waal's take on Benedict and through this same time a gazebo has taken shape on the church grounds. The gazebo, which will anchor a corner of our memorial garden being created in Marc Dickman's memory, is being built by students from the advanced shop class at Camden County High School.

Whether it was the students' intent or not, and certainly whether it was the school systems' intent or not, their work has been a prayer. Every bit of work has been done in God's presence and to the glory of God. From the students' creative thoughts in the design to their attention to detail, God has been honored through their work.

Of course, the real emphasis of St. Benedict comes in his teachings' on continually reading and reflecting on the Word of God found in the Bible. Yet there is that companion approach within Benedictine thought that says this reading and reflecting on scripture is done within the context of the ordinary stuff of life. Or as Thomas Merton describes the essence of it, "that concern with doing ordinary things quietly and perfectly for the glory of God."

I give thanks for the—not always quiet, but as close to perfect as the quite skilled class could make it—work the high school students have put into this cornerstone of our memorial garden. The students have been invited to the dedication, which will follow the regular worship service on January 22, 2006.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


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