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A Sacramental Showdown!

Come and GrowThe Episcopal Church USA has a new ad campaign with its own website here: Come and Grow. That TV and print campaign for large markets around the country asks people to "Come and Grow in understanding, in gratitude, in service, in peace."

Yesterday I was emailed a link to a more challenging invitation. St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Birmingham, AlabamaIt is an ad for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Birmingham, Alabama which uses a style of advertising more common for a tractor pull to invite people to a Sacramental Showdown at St. Andrews. The sound file is located here:
The audio ad was presumably created just in jest, but it is laugh out loud funny and might just get the Anglo-Catholic church in Birmingham some visitors. King of Peace's own advertising emphasizes questioning rather than going for a laugh. Take a look and a listen at the three ads (the two above and the link to King of Peace's) and let us know which ad would get you in church on Sunday.

Another way of asking the question is, "Are you looking to grow? to question? or for a sacramental showdown?"

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor + King of Peace Episcopal Church


  • At 2/09/2006 8:28 AM, Anonymous Judy Logue said…

    WOW! A little much for old folks. Was that their answer to the Super Bowl hipeor is it their answer to Romans 1:16.

  • At 2/13/2006 10:02 PM, Blogger Rev Dr Mom said…

    Actually, it's a real ad, not a jest.


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