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Irenic. The word means peaceful. This web log (or blog) exists to create an ongoing, and hopefully peaceful, series of comments on the life of King of Peace Episcopal Church. This is not a closed community. You are highly encouraged to comment on any post or to send your own posts.


How many points to get into heaven?

A man arrives at the pearly gates and is questioned by Saint Peter as to why he thinks he should get into heaven.

“Well I was in church most every Sunday. I always tithed. I tried not to cuss to much or say bad things behind someone else’s back.”

“What else?” Peter asked.

The man looked a bit taken aback, but he added, “I taught Sunday School for 26 years. I fed people in the soup kitchen at our church once a month. Umm… hang on, there’s more… I took care of my Mama in her last years when she needed so much care. That should count for something.”

Peter just looked at him.

“Wait, wait. I helped build a Habitat for Humanity a few times. I never cheated on my wife, that’s good, right?”

Peter was just looking.

“I was always honest in business with everyone I dealt with.” The man paused, and looked at the ground. “What do you want me to say? What does it take to get into heaven?”

“Well we have a point system,” Peter explained, “You need a hundred points or more to get in.”

“What am I up to now?” the man asked.

“Three and a half points so far,” Peter answered.

welcome home“Three and a half points?” the man replied, the exasperation showing through in his voice. “I don’t understand. When I was a teenager the preacher told me that all I had to do was to turn my life over to Jesus. Trust him. Turn from doing the things I knew were wrong and ask for his forgiveness. I thought I was as good as in heaven all this time. And now you tell me after all the things I did I can’t get in?”

Peter smiled and said, “Turning your life over to Jesus, turning from what you knew to be wrong, and asking for forgiveness is worth 100 points. Welcome home.”


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