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Basic biblical familiarity

The Bible is the sword of the SpiritThe following is written by the Rt. Rev. Harry Shipps, retired Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia:

Check yourself out on basic biblical familiarity, as well as your spouse, children (and grandchildren). Prove that Episcopalians know their Bible!

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
What books comprise the Torah? Supposedly written by whom?
What is the name of the son Abraham offered to sacrifice?
What did the Burning Bush say to Moses?
Name the 10 Commandments.
What is the name of the Hebrew priestly tribe?
What river did the Hebrews cross to arrive in the Promised Land?
Who was Israel’s first king?
What was David’s great sin?
Who were the two great prophets whose names begin with E?
The loss of what caused Samson to loose his strength?
What happened to poor Job?
Who are the three ‘greater prophets’ writers?
Who wrote “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God”?
How many Psalms are there? Your favorite (apart from 23)?

Name one book in the Apocrypha. Two
Does your bible contain the Apocrypha? Why not?

New Testament
What are the names of the four Gospels?
Who was Jesus’ cousin? His cousin’s mother?
“The Word became flesh” is found in which Gospel?
In which Gospel nativity account do we find the “Hail Mary”?
Name the apostle who took Judas’ place.
Who assisted Jesus in carrying his cross to Calvary?
The Acts of the Apostles tells us primarily which two apostles?
Who wrote the Epistle to the Romans?
Where will you find St. Paul’s ode to love, along with faith and hope?
Justification by faith is taught by whom? Where?
Name three of the seven churches addressed in Revelation.
Where can you find qualifications for bishops, deacons & presbyters?

+HW Shipps



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