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Irenic. The word means peaceful. This web log (or blog) exists to create an ongoing, and hopefully peaceful, series of comments on the life of King of Peace Episcopal Church. This is not a closed community. You are highly encouraged to comment on any post or to send your own posts.


A Busy Day

Promotional photo for the bazaar and folks hanging out after worship.

Chatting in the hall after the 10 a.m. worship service.

Making crafts for Kids in the Kingdom Sunday.

Christopher and Zachary with their crafts.

Kids eating pizza in the kingdom.

Middle school students making their own pizza—hand tossed.

Jay eats pizza while Alison watches bemused.

I didn't get a chance to photograph the ECW election, Holiday Bazaar planning meeting, the knitting group, Ink in Our Veins writer's group or the Music ensemble and the 20 and 30 something Bible Studies (which come later). And then there are the six from King of Peace at the Cursillo retreat which ends today.

It's a full day at King of Peace with various folks involved in their different groups all together making up this tiny corner of the Body of Christ.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor

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  • At 10/15/2007 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kids in the Kingdom was wonderful this week. It’s just one of the many loving things that our children are given at King of Peace.

    I have found a wonderful community full of beautiful people here. I am so very lucky to have found such a wonderful place to love my Lord.

    King of Peace is Harlie’s favorite places to be. Thank you to all who have made us feel so welcome.

  • At 10/15/2007 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank YOU Rhonda for blessing us with the presence of you and your children!


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