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Inward and spiritual grace

“This is no trifling matter for you,
but rather your very life...”

—Deuteronomy 32:47

Denise is baptized
Denise is baptizedDuring the 10 a.m. worship service today, Denise Hunley was baptized into Christ's Body, the Church. The sermon for the service is online here: A Thankless Job.

The sacrament of Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body the Church. Sacraments involve outward and visible signs, such as water in the case of baptism. But there is also an inward and spiritual grace, which in Baptism is union with Christ in his death and resurrection, birth into God’s family the Church, forgiveness of sins and new life in the Holy Spirit. In Baptism, we renounce Satan, repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Today with give thanks with Denise and those of us already baptized reaffirmed the promises made at our own baptisms.

Denise is baptizedDenise is baptized.
The Butterfly WhispererMiriam, the butterfly whisperer, with two butterflys after the service.

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  • At 10/07/2007 10:43 PM, Blogger Lauralew said…

    Beautiful. Thank you, and thanks be to God.

  • At 10/07/2007 11:25 PM, Anonymous Denise said…

    Thanks! I'm speechless. Everyone made me feel so special today, for once I'm quite speechless. I'll never forget this day, I promise you that.

  • At 10/08/2007 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The picture of Miriam is the epitome of Baptism and new life! It took my breath away!

    Are the D-Rays planning to frame this one for their home?

  • At 10/24/2007 9:28 AM, Blogger soup said…

    Deede, I'm late as usual and this isn't even snail mail. My happiness for you overflows the meek containment of my words.

    The sermon was perfect. We live in a thankless world. But, I for one thank you for being the mother of my grand kids. I thank you on behalf of the boyscouts who will only think to thank you when they fondly recall the happy times when they were kids.

    I'm really proud of you.

    I pray that you will find the comfort and blessings of the Lord G*D. Embrace your new commitment as a gift and remember: HE who is, knows your heart and sees your deeds.

  • At 10/25/2007 7:25 AM, Anonymous denise said…

    Awww :) :) :)


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