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Life after life after death

Time carries an article in which noted New Testament scholar and Anglican Bishop of Durham N.T. Wright tries to set the record straight on heaven. He says,
Our culture is very interested in life after death, but the New Testament is much more interested in what I've called the life after life after death — in the ultimate resurrection into the new heavens and the new Earth. Jesus' resurrection marks the beginning of a restoration that he will complete upon his return. Part of this will be the resurrection of all the dead, who will "awake," be embodied and participate in the renewal. John Polkinghorne, a physicist and a priest, has put it this way: "God will download our software onto his hardware until the time he gives us new hardware to run the software again for ourselves." That gets to two things nicely: that the period after death is a period when we are in God's presence but not active in our own bodies, and also that the more important transformation will be when we are again embodied and administering Christ's kingdom.
The full article is here: Christians Wrong About Heaven, Says Bishop.

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  • At 2/13/2008 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The thought of being "downloaded"...I was hoping to escape technology when my "time" comes!:)

  • At 2/14/2008 6:52 AM, Blogger goodfornowt said…

    Am I the only reader who can make no sense of this talk of living after death, and feels that the Church has more important things to do here and now?

  • At 2/14/2008 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You just may be, for this is the Lenten season where we prepare for Jesus' death and RESURRECTION. Jesus taught about life after death and eternity in the Kingdom with our Father.


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