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Laina Paige Phillips

Laina is baptizedLaina's parents look on during her baptism this past Easter

Today we lay to rest the mortal remains of a dear child of our congregation, Laina Phillips. We will give thanks for her short life at funeral service at King of Peace at 3 p.m. this afternoon. A brief graveside service at Oak Grove Cemetery will follow the church service.

Merciful God, you grant to children an abundant entrance into your kingdom, in your compassion, comfort those who mourn for Laina, and grant us grace to conform our lives to her innocence and faith, that at length, united with her, we may stand in your presence in the fullness of joy; for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen


  • At 7/30/2008 8:26 AM, Blogger King of Peace said…

    The sermon from Laina's funeral is now online here: An Autobiography Written in Smiles

  • At 7/30/2008 10:17 AM, Blogger Laura said…

    I'm glad to have known Laina, if only through the sermon and the photograph. Losing a child is uniquely painful, and I send my condolences to her family and her extended church family.

  • At 7/30/2008 7:30 PM, Blogger Wendi said…

    I had the privledge of taking care of Laina when she was in the hospital. She had an unbelievable smile and was the prettiest baby. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayes. As a mother who has buried two daughters I know all too well the pain. But there is joy in faith and knowing that you will one day see your angel again. Smile when you think of her because she was such a special blessing and is smiling down on you now. I never had the chance to meet you Cory but my heart goes out to you as well as Natalie. Nat you are a wonderful Mom and I love you. Love, Wendi RN


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