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Survey Says...

click here to see the survey resultsThe results of the Diocese of Georgia wide survey for the bishop search process are in. 15% of the baptized adults in the diocese took the survey, which is nearly double the typical level of participation in other dioceses. You may click the button above to see the full 33-page report in Adobe PDF format. The primary two areas for defining what the diocese wants in the next bishop are:

7 most important issues/opportunities
The top seven are listed with the percentage of respondants who selected that item.

  1. Programs for children and youth (66.10%)
  2. Declining membership (64.10%)
  3. Recruiting, training, developing, ordaining and retaining priests and deacons (61.20%)
  4. Programs that minister to the multiple generations present in our congregations (55.90%)
  5. Programs for college students and young adults (53.10%)
  6. Improving communications within the Diocese (43.00%)
  7. Evangelism and outreach with sensitivity to our changing demographics and emerging populations (42.50%)
7 most important strengths/characteristics of a new bishop
The top seven are listed with the percentage of respondants who selected that item.
  1. Possesses sound judgment and wisdom (63.80%)
  2. Has Integrity (55.90%)
  3. Deeply spiritual and prayerful (50.10%)
  4. Commitment to the traditional creeds of the Christian Church (e.g. Nicene Creed). (50.10%)
  5. Leader (44.00%)
  6. Strong theological background (42.20%)
  7. Ability to maintain unity in the church (41.60%)

This is just the top surface of the results. The full survey is online here: Bishop Search Survery Results The next step in the process is that a diocesan profile is being created using the survey results and other information. Nominations will be open on November 15.

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