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The eyes of the poor

On Wednesday, I had lunch in a lovely wood-paneled private room in the Chatham Club on the 14th floor of the DeSoto Hilton in Savannah. It was a great meal with a fun group to be with, all with a commanding view of Savannah.

Another group was at the Chatham Club for a regular Bible study. I applaud the businessmen gathering there to read and reflect on the scripture. Yet, it did make me wonder, "What does it mean to study the Bible in a place of priviledge, far out of reach of the real needs of a city? How might the reflections be different if the same verses were read and reflected on in a soup kitchen? Or in a prison cafeteria? Or in any one of a thousand places in the same town where the needs are visible, tangible, real?
Reading the Bible with the eyes of the poor is a different thing from reading it with a full belly. If it is read in the light of the experience and hopes of the oppressed, the Bible’s revolutionary themes—promise, exodus, resurrection, and sprit—come alive.
Jurgen Moltmann (1926- )



  • At 5/01/2009 10:01 AM, Anonymous B C said…

    I too wonder this all the time. Perhaps its not what type of eyes but what type of heart. I believe the Lord is just as present in a high rise hotel with a view as a soup kitchen in a "forgotten" part of town.

  • At 5/01/2009 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well said BC. The Lord is just as present in the high rise. I agree wholeheartedly.

    But I wonder if I can be as present to the Lord in a place apart from those in need as I can in a place of want.

    That's what this makes me wonder anyway.

  • At 5/02/2009 11:25 PM, Anonymous B C said…

    I feel its the place inside all of us that allows the Lord to be "present" Even in the places of want rather than need, perhaps behind the shiny facade, and the scent of money and well to do, Jesus is needed just as much for them as the poor. The walls and the floors that divide the streets from the penthouses should be dismantled at least in a metaphysical sense. Some of us and this includes me require more faith and compassion to reach out for those who seem to be well off, but may in fact be so full of hurt and in need of healing, its just hidden behind all the treasures and fancy things that repel most of us. But yes I feel that one can be present to the Lord in every climb and place, as long as we know the Lord to be present with us. Just my thought.

  • At 5/03/2009 6:48 AM, Blogger King of Peace said…

    B C,
    Your comments are a helpful reminder that not only is God in all places, but that all people are in need of God, those who do not seem to be in need as well as others. And beneath the thin veneer of wealth may be a spiritual hunger and thirst. Thanks for your comments.



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