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We Join in Council

Wisdom cries out at the gates:
let those who seek to discern wisely
sit and reason together in my presence!
And so, Holy One, we join in council here.
In the urgent concerns and in the clutter of our agendas,
may your Wisdom be our guide,
that we may love kindness, do justice,
and in humility desire only you;
we pray in the name and through the Spirit
of Jesus, the Beloved. Amen.
Today, I am traveling to Anaheim, California. I am going there to serve through July 18 as a clergy deputy for the Diocese of Georgia in the once every three years General Convention of The Episcopal Church. Bill Bruce is also making the journey for Bill to serve as a lay alternate deputy to the convention. Bill will be on hand if a member of the lay deputation needs to leave. He will also spell deputies out so that we maintain a full deputation on the floor for the full meeting.

Having served as an alternate deputy in 2003 and a deputy in 2006, this will be my third General Convention. This time, I will serve on the Dispatch of Business Committee, which is involved in the behind the scenes work to keep the business of the convention flowing. It should be an interesting view of things. It will involve as schedule of working typically from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Meeting regular since 1785, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church will have 1500 clergy and lay representatives called deputies and alternates and nearly 200 bishops. It is a massive event with 8,000 to 10,000 total attendees, including exhibitors, visitors, guests and media.

I will be busy, and internet access of $12.95 a day and beyond my reach, but I have set this blog (which auto posts to Facebook as well) so that it will continue to give daily updates of quotes and the like so that this blog will continue even while I am taking part in the councils of the Church. Official news of the meeting will be posted here: Episcopal Life coverage. I will post a photo and note or two if time permits, but will make fully and prayerfully taking part in my work in California the priority.

The Rev. Frank Logue
Clergy Deputy, Diocese of Georgia

The prayer above was written by the Rev. Jennifer Phillips.

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