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We have work to do

He Qui's artistic interpretation of the textIn tomorrow's Gospel reading Peter and Andrew, James and John are told, "Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching people" or put another way they will no longer be "fishermen" but "fishers of men."

Mary Hinkle Shore at her Pilgrim Preaching blog notes of this passage:

The epiphany in the text for me is not so much the great catch of fish (though that is impressive), but rather Jesus' catch of Peter and the implications of that catch for who else Jesus is interested in catching for membership in his prophetic community.

  1. Jesus is not put off by Peter's initial resistance to the idea of putting the nets down again. Apparently we don't have to hide our true opinion of Jesus' ideas from Jesus himself.
  2. Jesus is not put off either by Peter's sinfulness or Peter's acknowledgement of the same. Likewise, we don't have to hide our true opinion of ourselves from Jesus.
  3. By calling Peter, Jesus is about something bigger than just affirming Peter (not that there's anything wrong with that). :-) The reason for the call is not to say to Peter, "Buck up, little buddy, you're not so bad," but rather, "Stop being afraid now. We have work to do."
The Diocese of Georgia's 185th Diocesan Convention ends today with an ordination service. These words,

Stop being afraid now.
We have work to do.

seem like good words for not just those being ordained, but for all the people of God as we move from convention back to the day in day out work of being the Body of Christ in our various communities. The family reunion of these few days is over and it is time to head back into the vineyard.

The Rev. Frank Logue, Pastor


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